The Real Welcoming Church:
Imitating God, Thinking Like Jesus

Imagine your life transforming from:

Selfishness to others-focused service

From getting to giving

From inertia to energy

From complaining to overflowing gratitude

From plodding to laser-focused purpose

This is what you will experience as a member of a REAL welcoming church as revealed in this book! Based on imitation of God (Ephesians 5:1) and thinking like Jesus (Philippians 2:5), this book leads each reader into an honest self-examination and church evaluation based completely on God’s Word. Reading and applying the truths of this book leads you into 4 key life stages:

Stage 1: Struggling church. Start where you are and discover what keeps you and your church from joyful growth and continually bearing much fruit for Jesus.

Stage 2: Godly Church! Discover how God wants you and your church to think, act, and welcome others as you interact with Old and New Testament principles. Learn specific traits of Abraham and Barnabas so you can practise the actions steps they took in welcoming others into God’s presence!

Stage 3: Inviting Church! Explore the signs, evidences, processes and results of the REAL welcoming church through which Jesus expresses His loving empowering heart!

Stage 4: Inspiring You! Inspiring Church! Learn 9 steps to practise on a daily basis so God can inspire others through you and your church as you pray, support, worship and work together.

This is an exciting, practical, interactive book, full of solid Bible based resources and principles to empower you in making lasting friends and transformative relationships in your church and community!

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Majesty in Motion: Creating an Encouragement Culture in all your Relationships

Encouragement means far more than feeling good. It is more than the exchange of superficial greetings that make someone feel good for a moment. Such action does nothing to address that need deep inside your heart that cripples your capacity to really live, create and make a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Encouragement is the result of a dynamic connection and intimate union of your heart with the heart of God. That act of truly encouraging another person flows out of your growing intimacy with the heart of God. To be encouraged is to experience the transformative power of God which gives you the courage to be and to act according to God’s eternal purpose for your life.

The Bible defines amazing characteristics of encouragement that are the basis for this book and that are the three life principles by which you can live a deeply fulfilling life in community. These are principles by which you can help transform those around you – your spouse, family, fellow worker, neighbor, and those in your local church.

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“Majesty in Motion sets high goals that are achievable with diligence, and challenges readers to make that effort. It’s on my list of books that I wish every Christian could read. ” Janet Sketchley Read Full Endorsement

“A must read for anyone wanting to experience the transformative power of God!” Mel Finlay, National Director, Nation at Prayer Read Full Endorsement

“Stewart Brown is a modern day Barnabas – an encourager!” Barrie Doyle APR, Author, broadcaster, consultant, professor Read Full Endorsement

“It is a book that is applicable to all ages, at all stages of life.” Elaine, BLESSINGS bookstore assistant manager in Edmonton Read Full Endorsement

“...practical suggestions and insights to help Christians to live a life of encouragement that affects their sphere of influence...” Rita Read Full Endorsement

“This book ignited a fire in my heart and has encouraged me to feed that fire by encouraging others and showing God's love through my actions.  Awesome book!” John Ross, Teenager in Alberta

Transforming Church Visitors into Passionate Members

• 30 pages designed to be used by each attending one of our seminars
• packed with spiritual helps, graphics, questionaries, personal and group exercises
• includes a special bordered certificate of commitment entitled 
“Newcomer Embracer” which can be framed and placed where you view it each day
• certificate has 5 key principles to guide you in deepening your passion for God, effectively welcoming and loving newcomers and enabling you in contributing to a more welcoming church for visitors. 

To allow you to have a more specific idea of what the book contains, here is the Table of Contents listed below: 

Section 1: The Struggling Church: Barriers to a Welcoming Culture

1. Common barriers to embracing newcomers
2. Identifying barriers in our church 

Section 2: The Godly Church: Bible Basis for Welcoming Others
1. God’s Heart for newcomers
2. The Pattern to Follow
3. Jesus’ perspective for a welcoming Church
4. Jesus plan for Welcoming others
5. Barnabas:A model for embracing new persons
6. Church Environment for connecting newcomers
7. My response to newcomers 

Section 3: The Inviting Church: Motivating Visitors to Return
1. The definition of "Welcome" 
2. The need for Welcoming Visitors/Newcomers 
3. The conditions for keeping newcomers
4. The Result: A Continuous Welcoming process
5. The evidence of Newcomers feeling at Home
6. The diagnosis
7. The feedback 

Section 4: The Inspiring Church: Transforming Visitors into Welcoming  Members

1. Turning barriers into attractions
2. Measuring Your Progress of welcoming Newcomers
3. Personal Spiritual check-up
4. God’s plan for newcomers
5. Realize the possibilities (What God Can Do Through You) 

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