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Mel Finlay
National Director, Nation at Prayer

“A must read for anyone wanting to experience the transformative power of God! Stewart Brown has woven together years of personal experience, astute observation of people, and Scripture to present an engaging, easily understandable antidote to much of the joylessness, frustration, and struggle many people experience. He makes a compelling case for focusing on others through becoming an intentional encourager. But he knows that active engagement with God comes first, then comes engagement with others. Only by moving outside ourselves can we experience joy. Brown gives practical suggestions on how to do that. The Study Guide leads the reader to deeper understanding, either on one’s own or, preferably, in company with others.”
Barrie Doyle
APR, Author, broadcaster, consultant, professor

“Let’s be honest. If you are a human being living on planet earth, you are a liar! We lie to each other and ourselves daily; even those who consider themselves full-blown, saved-by-the-blood –and-bound-for-eternity Christians who have given their lives to Jesus Christ. Yes, we lie constantly. Not necessarily in a malicious or deceitful way, but often because we don’t want to burden others or just because we’re too tired of talking about it. Our lie is offered when asked at church, work or home, how we’re doing. The answer all too often is, “fine”, when in truth we are desperately hurting inside and need love and encouragement.

Stewart Brown is a modern day Barnabas – an encourager!

His book, Majesty in Motion, is a searing lance that breaks through our defenses to point out that we both need encouragement and can give encouragement. And he shows us both aspects clearly, precisely and practically, all the while bringing us closer to God.

With clear biblical teaching, Dr. Brown challenges the liar in us, urging us to complete honesty with ourselves and before God. And then shows us how, by embracing God’s love, majesty and holiness we can be encouraged by him and then move beyond our own circumstances to encourage and impact the lives of others. He intersperses personal experiences with biblical illustrations and ties them all together in one profound concept – encouragement! You need it, I need it; you can give it, I can give it. Stewart guides us clearly though such topics as Joy, patience, developing healthy relationships, removing our masks, freedom from addiction, forgiveness, practicing encouragement and others.”

BLESSINGS bookstore assistant manager in Edmonton

“It is a book that is applicable to all ages, at all stages of life. I found it not only beneficial to my personal life, but also to my work environment. The study guide at the end of each chapter was a wonderful addition to the reading and allows you truly to reflect.”
Commenting on the book

“I loved the book "Majesty in Motion"... Stewart's book gives practical suggestions and insights to help Christians to live a life of encouragement that affects their sphere of influence and opens doors to be able to share the gospel with frineds, co-workers, and acquaintances. I believe that anyone who is serious about the "great commission" shpuld read this book. It will change your perspective, eliminate fear, and make 'walking the walk' that much easier. I have purchased a copy for my pastor because I know that this book will be an excellent tool to use as a Bible study which would build up the congregation and make them much more effective...”
John Ross
Teenager in Alberta Commenting on the book

“This book ignited a fire in my heart and has encouraged me to feed that fire by encouraging others and showing God's love through my actions. Awesome book!”

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Stewart Brown has dedicated his life to teach about God’s transforming encouragement and inspire others to LIVE encouragement as a continuous way of life. Educated in Ontario, Canada and in Minnesota, USA, he lives with his wife Sandra in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

More About the Book

Published by Word alive Press, "Majesty in Motion" has been featured on "100 Huntley Street" (April 26,2010) and on "Encounter with Peter Youngren" (May 3,2010)

This book has been chosen on May, 2010 in the "Finalist" category for the Word Guild's Canadian Christian Writing Awards.

It has a challenging but very practical study guide at the end of each chapter. The book is exciting readers of all ages--from teens to adults--who are experiencing God's transformation in their personal and professional lives as they read and apply its contents!

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