Welcome to a ministry that can equip you and your church to be members, to be empowering Encouraging Mentors and to become transforming welcomers to others both in your church and in the outside community. Discover how Encouraging Mentoring  and effective  welcoming is first of all a Jesus-like attitude and mindset that will revolutionize your marriage family, church, social and workplace relationships!

Watch and listen to the testimony of Pastor Matthew's below as he tells of the amazing experience that they experienced from God in my "Creating a welcoming church Culture " seminar.


Are you or someone you know experiencing discouragement or loneliness? If you are easily discouraged, you cannot have a healthy marriage, family, or workplace culture and this cripples your contributions to your church — making it weaker and unable to effectively be God’s transforming instrument in your community.

  • Feeling lonely and disconnected in church or in a crowd?

  • Have ‘friends’ who let you down in tough times?

  • Struggling members = churches which repel more than they attract newcomers.


  • Imagine a church family, a team, a workplace, an organization in which you feel valued, encouraged, loved, challenged and inspired on a continuous basis!

  • Enjoyable interactive seminars that equip and enable you to develop that encouraging and welcoming culture in your life, in a small group and church.

  • The core strength of my seminars and workbooks on “Encouraging Mentors”, “Welcoming Church” and “Team Essentials” (sports teams or workplace) lies in the life road map for developing a Christ-like character, mind and attitude (Philippians 2:5)

  • Please check the seminars on “Workshops” page. Contact me for more details and the workbooks included in each one. Watch Pastor Bob Matthew’s response to “Welcoming Church seminar.

  • My award winning book, Majesty in Motion, for personal and small group study on encouraging mentors. Order through Chapters.ca or your local book store.

  • The Spirit Filled Life - The Spirit Filled Church is a teaching resource for conferences, retreats, and schools based on the book of Ephesians.

These resources are aimed at building deeply Christ-like encouraging mentors and continuously welcoming friends in 5 key life relationships: marriage, family, church, community, and workplace!

Watch here for news of publication for my upcoming new book “Creating a Welcoming Church Culture” (with leaders guide and video introduction for each section).