Majesty means greatness in connection with God. This book is about His greatness or majesty at work in the motions of Christ-followers when they practice intentional encouragement in all of their relationships. When practiced in obedience to God, genuine Christian relationships reflect the culture of God – the intentional encouragement continuously at work between God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Every person has a great need to receive encouragement and to become a majestic encourager used by God to attract, inspire, sustain, and deeply motivate others. This book reaches far beyond the superficial, temporary, fleeting effects of ‘popular’ encouragement. Three essential ‘legs’ of encouragement are revealed from God’s Word – ‘legs’ on which each person can run the race of life and reveal the ‘majesty of God’.

The process of employing these ‘legs’ of encouragement is developed in the book in four basic stages – each one building on the previous one. Readers are challenged to evaluate their present perspective on encouragement in light of a new paradigm. First, the new paradigm initiates the new life of encouragement. Second, the encouraging life becomes a lasting one when built on a three-fold foundation. This foundation provides the fertile ground for cultivating an attitude of intentionality which can lead to a continuous practice of real encouragement in each of the readers’ relationships.

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Majesty in Motion: Creating an Encouragement Culture in All Your Relationships - Stewart Brown, D. Min.
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Stewart Brown has dedicated his life to teach about God’s transforming encouragement and inspire others to LIVE encouragement as a continuous way of life. Educated in Ontario, Canada and in Minnesota, USA, he lives with his wife Sandra in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

More About the Book

Published by Word alive Press, "Majesty in Motion" has been featured on "100 Huntley Street" (April 26,2010) and on "Encounter with Peter Youngren" (May 3,2010)

This book has been chosen on May, 2010 in the "Finalist" category for the Word Guild's Canadian Christian Writing Awards.

It has a challenging but very practical study guide at the end of each chapter. The book is exciting readers of all ages--from teens to adults--who are experiencing God's transformation in their personal and professional lives as they read and apply its contents!

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