Table of Contents


Part 1
The Life of Encouragement

Chapter 1:
A New Paradigm of Living
Chapter 2:
The Majesty of Encouragement: Living with Incredible Power
Chapter 3:
The Mission of Encouragement
Chapter 4:
What Has Love Got to Do With It?
Chapter 5:
The Lift of Encouragement
Chapter 6:
The Friendship Store

Part 2

The Foundation of Intentional Encouragement

Chapter 7: The Joy Motivated Life
Chapter 8:
Patience: the Mark of Personal Security
Chapter 9:
Imitation: Experience Patience Through a Transformed Life
Chapter 10:
Dry Dock Repairs for Lasting Performance

Part 3
The Intentionality of Encouragement

Chapter 11:
Developing Healthy Relationships
Chapter 12:
Removing the Mask
Chapter 13:
Freedom from Addiction
Chapter 14:
Forgiveness Is an Attitude
Chapter 15:
Surround Sound: Communicating Appreciation
Chapter 16:
The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Chapter 17:
The Secret to Walking on Water
Chapter 18:
A Duet Performance
Chapter 19:
Turning Visitors into Lasting Friends

Part 4
The Practice of Encouragement

Chapter 20:
The Moment You Awake: Attitude Check
Chapter 21:
The Day You Live: Avoiding the Basket
Chapter 22:
Like a Loon in Water
Chapter 23:
Sustaining the Encouraging Process

Appendix A

Appendix B:
The Making of a Partner of Intentional Issue

Appendix C:
Church Greeters: A Frontline Ministry


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Majesty in Motion: Creating an Encouragement Culture in All Your Relationships - Stewart Brown, D. Min.
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Stewart Brown has dedicated his life to teach about God’s transforming encouragement and inspire others to LIVE encouragement as a continuous way of life. Educated in Ontario, Canada and in Minnesota, USA, he lives with his wife Sandra in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

More About the Book

Published by Word alive Press, "Majesty in Motion" has been featured on "100 Huntley Street" (April 26,2010) and on "Encounter with Peter Youngren" (May 3,2010)

This book has been chosen on May, 2010 in the "Finalist" category for the Word Guild's Canadian Christian Writing Awards.

It has a challenging but very practical study guide at the end of each chapter. The book is exciting readers of all ages--from teens to adults--who are experiencing God's transformation in their personal and professional lives as they read and apply its contents!

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