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Attracting , keeping, and integrating visitors/newcomers into your Church. Call Stewart's Cell: (902)-385-0488
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“Already, I have begun to change my busy lifestyle and change the way I look at and relate to the people around me( because of this workshop).” - a church volunteer leader

“Thank you so much for you excellent ministry to us through the workshop....The Lord has used you to address some needful areas in MY LIFE individually and in OUR CHURCH collectively.” - Steve Faulkner, Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Bible Church

“ASSIMILATION is not a one-time act or a static situation but an on-going relational process of your heart. The deeper you go into the heart of Christ, the stronger your relationships will be with the family of God and the greater your love will be for those in your community.” - Dr. Stewart Brown

“I would like to recommend to you the Assimilation Workshop conducted by Dr. Stewart Brown. I appreciated the strong Biblical basis for the workshop and the warm manner in which it was presented.” - Paul Clerc

“WOW! So many churches today are struggling with this area of their ministry, but here is a great tool to help any church accomplish God’s purpose for the local church. What makes Rev. Brown’s presentation so compelling and effective is its grounding in the Word of God.” - Stewart Peterson

“I have been to a number of seminars in my life, but this workshop was the most practical that I’ve seen in a long time. Your focus on our relationship to the Lord to begin with is so important before we can reach others. The practical suggestions as to the way to reach out to our visitors was excellent.” - Edgar Olney

“It was a joy to sit under your teaching this past Friday evening and Saturday morning. Please be assured of my sincere appreciation for your excellent ministry. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I was especially thankful for the solid, Biblical content that came throughout the week-end. I now have a sound theology for being a welcoming Christian. Your delivery was engaging because of the content and the passion with which you taught your material. By any measure you are an effective speaker. Having spent six hours under your teaching, I can say without hesitation that I see God’s hand upon your ministry. With joy, my brother, I commend you for the excellent spirit you have nurtured in your walk with God. You have a strong shepherd’s heart that comes through both in private conversation and in public teaching. I am blessed to know you! I hope that we will have further opportunity to work together for the glory of God. I look forward to seeing how God will continue to open doors of great opportunity for you. Your message is desperately needed among the churches of Christ in Canada.” - Deric W. Barlett (Rev.)

Dr. Brown meets with the pastor(s), deacons, elders of each church before the workshop. This may be best the day before the workshop. This session helps church leaders to experience their own relationship with God and with one another. This has proven very valuable in profoundly impacting the whole church as it grapples with the issue of in-depth relationships within its membership and developing an attractiveness to visitors.

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Teaching Topics

Stewart is available to preach/teach in worship services, and to speak in conferences, retreats, college and career events or Family Camps.

Teaching Topics Include:

1. Redeeming Work from the Curse of Sin (Restoring joy in your work!)

2. Torch Runners: Essential Requirements For Passionate Disciples

3. Break-Through Prayer (The Elijah Model)

4. Porcupine Marriages (Secrets of Adjustment)

5. Healthy Family and Church Relationships

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