Living on Solid Ground

Published | Mar 29, 2023
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“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust (confidence) is your strength” (Isaiah 30:15, NIV)

Photo: In June 2019, I stood on Mount Pilatus near Lucerne, Switzerland. Even mountains can crumble but God is absolutely solid and in control-the sure eternal foundation for everyone who trusts on Him.

Jesus compared living by faith in Him to building a house on sold ground as opposed to building on shifting sands or unstable soils. Choosing to live this day by unconditionally trusting or having unshakable confidence in Jesus is the spiritual equivalent of building your house on solid ground or rock (Matthew 7:24). Even in changing and stormy circumstances, you can stand firm or strong because you have rock-solid confidence in God who is always in control.

However, if you choose to rely only on yourself or other people, there may be superficial and temporary success, but long-term success and real joy will always be elusive. Even if your house or your life looks appealing, the quality of your foundation will be exposed and will ultimately crumble when the inevitable storms and trials come your way (Matthew 7:26-27).  So, what is the solution?

As the verse shown above from Isaiah 30:15 says, we all need both quietness and confidence on which to build our lives. The word for “trust” can also be translated “confidence”. You cannot have unshakeable confidence in your life unless you irreversibly put your trust in God in all circumstances. So, both words are applicable here. Sam Doherty and his wife started the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship in Ireland. He was asked about their secret of their life-long success in ministry especially to children. In response, he said:

“So many times…I have depended on Isaiah 30:15… I’ve given that verse to our workers and to others over and over. Quietness is horizontal; it’s our attitude toward circumstances and difficulty. Confidence is vertical; it’s our trust in God. And when the horizontal and the vertical come together, it becomes inward strength.[1]

Now, that response exemplifies life lived on solid ground through a gripping trust in Jesus who is called the “Rock” (I Corinthians 10:3)! Those who continually lean on and trust in Jesus walk or live on level or firm ground (Psalm 143:10). Life can be very shaky and unstable at anytime. Therefore, let’s make very sure that we are living or walking with a firm footing on solid ground- on Jesus our spiritual Rock!

  • Next Steps:

Listen and obey daily the Word of God. Isaiah 26:4 calls you now to “Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.” Then, you will experience His perfect peace and handle your circumstances with firm confidence in Him on whom your thoughts are focused. (Isaiah 26:3) As you begin each day, you can be sure that God wants to be your sure (solid) foundation (Isaiah 33:6, NLT).

[1] Quoted in Robert Morgan, The Strength You Need, Nashville: W Publishing Group, (2016), 82

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